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Our Services

At Capitol Core Group, our overarching purpose is to influence public policy in ways that benefit our clients and their stakeholders.

Sometimes our endeavors involve comprehensive lobbying campaigns designed to educate decision makers (and those who influence them) on how new or proposed legislation/regulations will affect various constituents — and then persuading them to either support, oppose or amend such proposals.

Other circumstances require less intensive efforts and involve more limited, tactical activities.


Either way, we are ardent about managing client resources effectively and delivering a favorable return on their lobbying investment. That frequently involves assessing a campaign’s feasibility — i.e.,  “what is in the realm of the possible" — before asking them to spend significant sums of money. That typically requires having a firm grasp of the overall political, economic, social and technological environment.

Washington DC Capitol Building served by Capitol Core Group

Our services generally fall into one or more of the following categories:

Direct Advocacy

Direct Advocacy

Ultimately, our role is to actually convince policymakers to introduce, support, oppose or amend specific regulatory or legislative initiatives. We remain thoroughly engaged throughout the process — from the drafting of bills to committee and subcommittee hearings to floor debates and final voting.

While we often employ grassroots or coalition lobbying efforts to help persuade decision makers, most of our work is performed “inside the building” and involves direct communication with the relevant authorities.

US Capitol Building with American flag
Political Intelligence

Political Intelligence

In government relations, gaining advance knowledge of potential opportunities and challenges can confer meaningful strategic advantages. Our extensive relationships and insider status give us access to legislative, regulatory and political insights that often prove decisive. Our goal is to ensure you have relevant information before it becomes widely known.

Washington DC Capitol exterior view
Strategic Planning
Legislative Goal Setting

Strategic Planning & Legislative Goal Setting

One key to successfully swaying public policy is to define critical issues on your own terms — rather than merely reacting to people indifferent or even hostile to your priorities. In addition, we frequently collaborate with like-minded groups and individuals who can complement and amplify your arguments and strategic messages. Our approach to political advocacy, which we refer to as “foundational lobbying,” focuses on promoting a perspective or viewpoint rather than a product or service. Such an effort requires careful advance planning and clear goal setting.

Washington DC Capitol building with American flag
Govt Contracting & Procurement

Government Contracting & Procurement Lobbying

For many organizations, the federal or state governments represent a critical, and sometimes only, source of funding for a variety of projects. Capitol Core Group knows the departments, agencies and individuals that actually make the decisions regarding how such funding is apportioned. We also know and appreciate the factors that go into their decision making.

We typically begin by identifying potential government funding or procurement opportunities, and then help position our clients as credible recipients of such funding. We also are frequently asked to help craft project descriptions and are careful to articulate how these projects benefit various constituents. Finally, we use our expertise and long-standing relationships to navigate complex governmental processes, stringent regulatory requirements, and multiple methods of procurement.

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