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An array of energy-related issues is attracting outsized attention from policymakers on both the state and federal levels.

Capitol Core is in the middle of discussions on subjects ranging from fossil fuel extraction on public lands to cybersecurity and government funding for renewable energy projects. If you have energy-related projects subject to government oversight, you need a firm with the knowledge, expertise and relationships to influence the key decision makers.

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Governments at every level play a central role in the water industry, so whether you are a municipal water agency, an agricultural district or an investor-owned utility, you need to stay on top of the laws and regulations potentially affecting your operations.

This is especially true as increasing concerns about climate change focus attention on water-related issues and as infrastructure spending reaches an all-time high. At Capitol Core Group, we are actively involved in such issues as water quality, flood control, drought mitigation and groundwater replenishment. In addition, much of our work focuses on taking advantage of increases in government infrastructure spending to secure such funding for our clients.

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The rules, policies, and regulations that govern the fintech industry are currently being established everywhere from Washington D.C. to the various state capitals.

Policymakers are crafting legislation and regulation that will hugely affect day-to-day operations in the fintech industry — from governance rules affecting the currency, banking, and financial services sectors to new guidelines influencing cybersecurity, data access, and electricity consumption. Capitol Core is actively involved in this process and understands how these policies will affect various fintech industry sectors. Our team can integrate state and federal government relations and provide an in-depth understanding of the entire regulatory landscape — from energy policy to financial and securities policies.

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Federal and state governments have recently authorized an unprecedented amount of infrastructure funding, most of which will be allocated through competitive grants, awards and project authorizations over the next few years.

This financing has created historic opportunities for organizations in California, Texas and beyond – and the Capitol Core team is working tirelessly to identify and exploit such opportunities for clients in industries ranging from water, transportation and energy to fintech. That includes educating policymakers on client projects, working with agencies to develop favorable implementation guidelines, and seeking direct legislative and agency infrastructure investment. 

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Land Use

Among our firm’s core competencies is helping clients navigate the labyrinthian world of zoning and land-use regulations.

Planning commissions and other government agencies typically oversee a lengthy, dauntingly complex approval process that can add further uncertainty and costs to what is already an expensive endeavor for developers and others. Our understanding of the regulatory landscape and our ability to influence key decision makers can help clients avoid costly delays and fines — and sometimes even modify regulations on their behalf.

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