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Austin Texas Capitol Building served by Capitol Core Group

Capitol Core Group

A federal and state lobbying firm devoted to assisting clients safeguard revenues, enhance revenues or secure government funding by influencing legislation and regulation.

Government policies can have an enormous impact

— either positive or negative —

on a wide array of businesses.

New legislation or regulations can measurably benefit an organization…or pose significant threats to operations and revenues.

The government also frequently acts as the principal customer or funding source for many organizations — ranging from private companies to public agencies.

Simply put, the ability to favorably influence government decision makers can dramatically influence an organization’s financial performance.

US House of Representatives interior served by Capitol Core Group

Areas of Expertise

The role of government and the impact of public-policy decisions are especially notable in certain fields — which is why Capitol Core Group has concentrated our resources and expertise there.

We bring particular knowledge and expertise to the following arenas:

Pressure Water Line Capitol Core Water Services
Multi Level Bridge Capitol Core Infrastructure Services
Solar Panels Capitol Core Energy Services
Aerial View of Farm Land Capitol Core Land Use Services
Currency graphic Capitol Core Fintech Services


Land Use

Washington DC Capitol Building with sunset background Capitol Core Group

Clients: Experience and Testimonials

Capitol Core Group’s success is a direct result of our ability to influence government decision making, while carefully managing each client’s lobbying investment to ensure a positive ROI.

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