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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our organization has concerns that stretch across all 50 states. Can you assist us in all of them?
    If your problem can be addressed on the federal level, then yes, we can help you. If your issue involves a coordinated effort with decision makers in Washington, D.C. and those in Austin, Texas or Sacramento, California, we are well equipped to assist you. However, we do not have a presence in every state and we do not claim expertise or relationships in all 50 state capitals.
  • Is it true that you actually present your opponents’ arguments when communicating with policy makers? Doesn’t that make it easier for your opponents to prevail?
    Yes, when meeting with decision makers we typically provide a detailed overview of the particular situation, which includes presenting the arguments of our client’s antagonists. We believe that cogently explaining our opponents’ perspective helps build trust and makes our subsequent arguments more credible and compelling. We also respect policy makers and assume they will ultimately hear both sides of an argument, so there really is no point in trying to hide or obfuscate contrary opinions.
  • Other firms claim to enjoy extensive relationships with elected officials and other policy makers. Do you have such relationships?
    Of course; it’s difficult if not impossible to be an effective lobbyist without solid relationships with policy makers in federal and state legislatures and the various regulatory agencies. However, some firms claim that their relationships are all that matter; that being on a first name basis with a legislator or regulator will make the difference between success and failure. In our view, having an existing relationship will get you in the door for a fair hearing of your concerns…but success actually requires offering a compelling, persuasive case on the client’s behalf.
  • Your firm sometimes conducts preliminary “due diligence” research before beginning an actual campaign. Is this a way of increasing your budget by charging clients for the homework you already should be doing?
    Actually, it serves as a way of saving money for our clients. Before launching an extensive lobbying campaign, we want to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the existing situation and fully apprehend the client’s actual challenges or opportunities. Sometimes that’s not obvious. Also, we want to determine, in advance, the likelihood of a campaign’s success or failure. That doesn’t mean that we guarantee the success of every campaign, or that we only accept engagements in which we’re sure to prevail. But it does require carefully evaluating the circumstances to assess what is in “the realm of the possible.” We always want to be candid with current and prospective clients, so if we perceive that an effort is likely doomed to failure, we advise them to save their money and forgo a fruitless endeavor. Again, our mission is to protect or generate revenue for clients while delivering a favorable return on their government relations investment. Sometimes that requires counseling them to not make an investment.
  • There are many firms offering lobbying or government relations services. What distinguishes Capitol Core Group from these other firms?
    Like other successful lobbying firms, Capitol Core Group has a solid grasp of salient public policy issues, a thorough understanding of regulatory and legislative procedures, and excellent relational capital with policymakers at both the state and federal levels. At the same time, we believe several factors distinguish us: We are a truly “hands-on” firm, with every client receiving close attention from one or more of our senior leaders. Moreover, much of our work involves direct, person-to-person communications with decision makers — a task that should not be delegated to junior staff. Unlike many firms, we do not provide off-the-shelf, template-based programs; rather, every campaign is carefully tailored to the specific client and situation. We are one of the few firms able to provide a fully integrated approach to state and federal lobbying, with a single professional team addressing client concerns on both the state and federal levels in a cohesive, efficient manner., We are intensely concerned with giving clients a favorable return on their lobbying investment. That sometimes involves actually declining a client engagement when we think a favorable outcome is unlikely. Such an approach may cost us money in the short-term but ultimately pays off by enhancing trust and credibility.
  • In your view, how important is it to actually donate money to political candidates or causes? Is that the key tactic for building relationships with decision makers?
    Significant donations can give you an introduction and perhaps initiate a relationship. However, maintaining such relationships requires establishing your credibility and earning the other individual’s trust — which is not as simple as writing a check.
  • Do you represent clients in any industry or do you specialize?
    Although we have individually and collectively served clients in a host of industries, ranging from consumer data to financial services, we currently focus our on five key areas: water, energy, fintech, infrastructure and land use.
  • What do you consider the most important element of your firm’s success?
    Without question, it’s our commitment to Capitol Core Group’s ultimate purpose: helping clients protect or generate revenue by influencing government policy and decision making (including funding decisions). And, of course, our ability to live up to that commitment.
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