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Defining Issues

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Expert Political Strategy For Campaign Management

Capitol Core Group develops campaign strategies that win! We maximize intelligence, define issues, frame discussions, and provide overall campaign management.  Our team specializes in evaluating every angle and opportunity to create the best, individualized campaign strategy. We know how to help clients take control of the discussions that frame a campaign to ensure they are in charge of the issues, not just responding to them. 

Successful modern campaigns demand complete and tailored management that covers minute-to-minute operations.  Our knowledge and experience in races at every level gives us the experience, relationships and expertise to develop effective and efficient campaign tactics that get to the core of every unique obstacle that may arise –tackling the challenges head-on and, most importantly, resulting in winning political campaigns. 

Political Consulting That Wins Campaigns

Our political consulting roots are deep…taking on tough races, issues, and campaigns.  From one of the largest municipal recall elections in California State history, to the U.S. Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, City/County seats, and ballot measure, Capitol Core Group creates a winning strategy.


A solid plan and strong management that are critical to success.  We develop overall campaign strategies, messaging, budgets, timelines and action plans for your entire campaign.   We have one of the finest teams in the business to provide grassroots, media, research, branding, fundraising, communications and marketing.


Compelling messaging that influences voters.  We based our messaging on research and testing opinions.  Then flow it through consistently to all mediums in order to influence public opinion and shape the issues on your terms.


Carefully crafted imagery and strong messaging will make your direct mail and ads stand out.   Whether it is a mail piece, billboard, newspaper ad, and just about every other form of print and digital advertising.


A full-service digital practice, executing multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.  Utilizing research tested messaging in combination with data-driven insights to reach the right audience and influence decisions.  Our award-winning in-house production team develops cutting-edge and compelling digital campaigns.


To paraphrase General George S. Patton, Jr; "Wars are won on the ground."  Well, the same can be true in modern political campaigns. We offer traditional grassroots political services as well as volunteer mobilization, coalition building, and field operations.  When a few thousand doors need to be knocked on or a few thousand signatures need to be gathered, we utilize the top data and ensure your audience is mobilized.

Take Your Campaign's Politcal Strategy To The Next Level