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Legislative goal setting in Government Relations

Legislative Goal Setting

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Effective Government Relations Strategy (our approach)

Defining an issue of public debate on your own terms is the key to moving public policy. When appropriate we utilize constituents and other influencers that become the amplifiers for your message and the vehicle for affecting policy, legislation, and broader public opinion on key issues. This style of advocacy, known as ‘foundational lobbying,’ builds a point of view rather than promoting a product or service. It requires a different approach to both development and integration with other strategic messaging.  It is a process that we follow to provide legislators the needed information to make informed decisions.

Clear Hurdles & Achieve Goals

Capitol Core Group clears hurdles and serve as the key bridge between business, community constituencies and governing bodies, which is critical to success in today’s environment.  



Lobbying, when distilled, is simple but not easy.  We identify the decision-makers and align shared interests to advance our client's agenda.  We are creative problem solvers and work tirelessly for our clients.  We have a long record of delivering wins for our clients.  From securing policy amendments and appropriations to amending and repealing statutes and regulations.

Federal Government Relations practice:

Our Federal Government Relations practice provides a full range of advocacy and political intelligence service allowing our clients to access and influence public policy at the highest levels of government. We lobby the U.S. Congress, the Administration, and federal agencies. 

Capitol Core lobbies the following States:


Forewarned is forearmed.  We provide the legislative, regulatory and political insights so that our clients are in a position to win. We protect investments, navigate regulations and we ensure you have the knowledge before it is news.


Providing representation to land-use, building, environmental,  utilities, small and large corporations before local (City, County, regional) government and associations of governments throughout Southern California.


Capitol Core positions our clients as worthy vendors of government goods or services. We work with and communicate appropriate information to executive-level government decision-makers, purchasing agents, and office managers. We advance both the agencies’ initiatives and clients’ interests by providing solid and timely resources. We also work to identify opportunities for their business clients and take a pro-active approach to creating opportunities by introducing innovative strategies and services from the private sector.  For our clients, we create ROI while navigating complex governmental purchasing processes, stringent regulatory requirements, and multiple methods of procurement.

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