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Capitol Core Group Provides Complete California Water Lobbying

Integrated strategies that blend State and Federal Lobbying with inter-agency government affairs that procure water, establish transfer-partners, and secure government funding for infrastructure needs.

Federal & State

Government Relations



Community Outreach

Government Relations Services for California Water Agencies:

  • Identification and assistance with short-term and long-term water supplies

  • Procurement of State of California and Federal government funding (appropriations, budgets, and grants)

  • Transfer, storage, and in-lieu agreement assistance

  • SGMA compliance assistance


  • Government funding assistance for Per-and Poly-fluoroalkyl (“PFAS”) projects

  • Grant advisory services

  • Alternative MS4 Permitting

  • Water Marketing

Lobbying For California Water Supply and Procurement

In California, issues surrounding water supply and infrastructure are constantly changing.  Water Agencies and departments are under increasing pressure to find reliable and consistent supplies while struggling to bank, transfer, and store water.  Limited funding resources have also made it difficult to finance the necessary infrastructure to deliver water supplies when and where they need them.  Beyond that, many districts must meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Get a highly specialized set of key-personnel that understand water laws, supplies (long and short term), storage potentials, and transfer partners.

How Our California Water Lobbyists Get You the Win

Capitol Core’s lobbying team works in the State Capitols and with the United States Congress to seek Federal and State funding for infrastructure needs. Lastly, we know how important communicating with the districts’ constituents is to our clients - That is why we provide community outreach to disseminate information, hear constituent feedback, build influencer support, and clear misinformation. We do these things with one goal in mind, no loss in translation between advisors and a team of seamless, knowledgeable, and skilled personnel.

Your California Water Solutions Team

Jeff Simonetti

Senior Vice President

Todd Tatum

Senior Advisor

Colleen Newman

Senior Advisor

Client Feedback

“Capitol Core’s creativity, combined with knowledge of State and Federal funding and a strong strategy brought the Mill Creek Wetlands from design to completion.” 

– Omar Dandashi, P.E.

Project Manager Mill Creek Wetlands Project

Recent Work

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Indian Wells Valley
Groundwater Authority

2019-2020 (Intergovernmental affairs,
California lobbying, Federal lobbying, and Strategic

Alternative MS4 Permitting

The Mill Creek Wetlands Project

2008-2013 (Intergovernmental affairs, California lobbying, Federal lobbying, and Strategic Communications)

Don’t Pay the Fine, Get on the Line

Hi-Desert Water District

2014 (Community Outreach and Information Campaign)


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